Websites To Satisfy Your African And Caribbean Movie Cravings

The world has begun to see what we’ve all known for years – some of the most original and unique talent and storytelling is coming out of Africa and the Caribbean. Films made in Africa and the Caribbean are slowly gaining traction the world over. With around 2500 films annually, Nigeria’s Nollywood is finally starting to get the respect it deserves as the second-largest movie industry in the world.

For those looking for something different, or just trying to spot the next Hollywood trend before it reaches the west, here are some great websites that will keep you up-to-date with the latest entertainment news coming out of Africa and the Caribbean.

African And Caribbean Film Websites

1. Nollywood Reinvented

Searching for the latest news and insights on Nollywood? This is the website for you. They have detailed reviews on the latest movies and even have a section of unreleased movies.

It was launched in January 2011 with the core objective of posting clear reviews on Nollywood movies and other genres.

They also write reviews about Ghanaian films (Ghallywood) and other awesome movies produced by Africans. Additionally, while on the website, you can view Nollywood movies that feature on Netflix and client reviews about those films.

2. The Movie Pencil

The movie pencil is an informational website that focuses on Nollywood films. They have a very easy to navigate website that allows visitors to quickly navigate around and find what they need. On the site you can find news and reviews of the latest Nollywood films.

They also post updates on ongoing Nollywood TV series popular among Nigerians and give insights on what to expect. This website is committed to Nollywood. My opinion is that it is better suited to individuals seeking news solely pertaining to this genre.

3. African Business Central

One of the most popular news sites covering the African continent, African Business Central also has in-depth coverage of the African film and television industries. The website has informational articles that help inform you of the goings-on in Nollywood. It has sections that talk about how producers are slowly moving towards getting their work on Netflix to get a wider reach.

There is also a section that features 5 top Nigerian movies you can watch on Netflix. While here, you can get to know about top African producers who are making wonderful Nollywood films. Lastly, their reviews are straightforward to follow and are fun to read.

4. Caribbean Film Academy

If you are a Caribbean movie fanatic, you better head on to this website for all things film related in the Caribbean. As well as providing information and links to find Caribbean films, there is also a database of filmmakers, providing mini bios and contact information. If you are interested in shooting anything in the Caribbean, this is the place to start building your team.

5. Filmco

Filmco are behind the Caribbean’s first streaming service, Filmco2Go and have a database of some of the best films and television shows made in the Caribbean. Based in Trinidad & Tobago, this website provides lots of information on the industry in the Caribbean. The streaming service is available to anyone worldwide and is the only place to see many films from the region.


All the websites featured in this post are very nice and provide either news or reviews regarding Caribbean movies or Nollywood movies. Not only are they great resources for information, but services like Filmco’s Filmco2Go enable you to see the best new content the Caribbean has to offer from the luxury of your home anywhere in the world. If you want to get right to the content don’t forget to also visit our Blacklist section to find African and Caribbean films, books and more.

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