Unique Bridalwear For That Special Day

The wedding dress is one of the most symbolic pieces of clothing that a woman will ever wear in their lifetime. Wedding dresses come in many different designs and colours, with each representing ceremonial importance and culture. Due to its importance and the (hopefully) one-off nature of the occasion, finding the perfect dresses for the bride and bridesmaids is often a long and arduous undertaking. Partnering with the right bridalwear specialist however can help you navigate through all the noise, taking you to the right solutions for you and your party.

The retailers listed below are bridalwear specialists with a selection of high-quality bespoke bridalwear, each design oozing with style, class and unique flair. These Black-owned businesses know the importance of matching colour for light and dark skin tones, and design beautiful dresses for all shades. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Black-Owned Bridalwear Specialists

Felisti Greis designs bespoke bridalwear that has an air of luxury. They have an assortment of white and ivory coloured luxurious dresses fused with modern aesthetics and styles for all skin tones. Their services include a 1-hour consultation and 3-4 fittings depending on the type of wedding gown a woman is purchasing. Felisiti Greis is a shop to check out if you are looking for a beautiful, handcrafted gown.

Naomi Deru is a Black bridalwear designer who fell in love with dressmaking at a young age. She uses luxurious, contemporary fabrics to make unique bridal wear designs. The team at Naomi Deru take customer service very seriously and ensure that each fitting session is a great experience and atmosphere.

Oui Madam is a bridalwear shop that creates bespoke couture wedding dresses. The designer, Cynthia Grafton-Holt is a Black bridal wear designer that is very in tune with her clients’ needs. At this bridalwear shop, they take their clients ideas and transforms them into reality. Each dress has a uniqueness to them that makes women feel like they are wearing a one-of-a-kind dress fit for a Queen. The bespoke process includes a consultation, sketch, design, development, the first toile and two fitting sessions. Their beautiful, handcrafted gowns go well with all skin tones.

Rita Colson is a Black bridalwear designer who manages to create bespoke bridal wear with vintage lace and silk. The wedding gowns in her shop reflects elegance and beauty, with colours fit for women with a darker skin tone. The bespoke selections are made from the ground up and include a consultation and several fitting sessions. Their dresses take about 6-12 months to make, but it is worth the wait. Some of the newer selections on Rita Colson have a lightweight feel to the dresses, and they take an unorthodox approach on the design.

Sherah is a bridalwear shop that specializes in bespoke design and focuses on each customers individuality. Jessi Fletcher is the face of the brand, and she is a Black bridal wear designer based in London, UK. Sherah has different options to choose from, and they also have selections for honeymoons and bridal robes. Each of their items has a very distinct look that gives off the feeling of elegance and grace for all women.

Whether you are looking for a vintage style or modern-day style, this small sample of bridal wear retailers from our directory each have great options to help make your day special. For more Black-owned businesses please visit our directory.

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