Unique Bespoke Clothing Outlets for Women

How often do you appreciate someone’s unique style and attempt to replicate it for yourself? If they are a celebrity, most of the hard work has probably already been completed. A quick browse through a celebrity gossip column or glossy magazine will usually produce a complete breakdown of any famous or infamous star’s outfit, from the false lashes to the heels but what if they are not a celebrity? If you cannot ask the person directly you can quickly fall into the Google rabbit-hole, where after a 5-hour marathon session which ended with a picture of a definitely fake dress, too long and in the wrong colour selling at a rag market in Kuwait (but I could dye it…?), you begin to question the meaning of life.

Leaving such big questions aside, did you ever consider that maybe their outfit was bespoke? Custom-made clothing is no longer limited to the rich and famous. While they are not striving to price-match your local M&S, bespoke tailors can be found to fit almost any reasonable budget. Whether you are going out to an event with friends or going to clock in the hours at the office, a bespoke dress or suit can make a statement, reflecting you and your individuality. Bespoke clothing is about more than style however; these should be the most comfortable clothes in your wardrobe, as they are made-to-measure, perfectly cut and shaped to your body.

The Black-owned bespoke outlets listed below are all led by Black designers and are experts in contouring incredibly fabrics for any body type.

Black-Owned Bespoke Clothing For Women

31W Bridal – This Black designer specializes in bespoke bridalwear, veils, bridesmaids dresses and occasion-wear. They create all their garments using the best manufacturing techniques, and they have a variety of styles for darker skin to satisfy their clients. Their bespoke services include consultation, a quote, fitting and delivery.

AloNuko is a Black-owned bespoke clothing outlet from Black designer Gebemi Okunlola that specializes around bridal apparel and evening wear. The AloNuko apparel displays class, originality, and a sprinkle of sophistication. AloNuko received high praise because they focus on highlighting beauty styles made for darker skin and confidence. Their bespoke services include a consultation, fit and a unique benefit that most bespoke outlets do not offer. They allow customers to try on a toile (early version of a finished design in test materials) before production so they can test out the material

Solo Flair is a bespoke outlet for women that offers a unique twist on their clothing apparel because it is innovative. The Creative Director, Marsha Brown is a Black fashion designer with 20 plus years in the fashion industry. Solo Flair excels when it comes to styles made for darker skin because they match customers with the best colours compatible with their skin tone. They are one of the few bespoke outlets that offer a free colour analysis. They create outfits for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, beach holidays and more.

T.G.D.BESPOKE is a Black-owned business best known for exquisite pieces and excellent customer service. They place their customers at the centre of attention by allowing them to have creative control, guided with the valuable insights of the designer. They truly make their customers feel confident after purchasing their custom-made apparel. They cover most outfits for women including suits, jackets, and dresses. Their process includes two consultations with customers before they begin to create a project.

Saffiya Styles is an interesting bespoke outlet that specializes in modest, contemporary women’s clothing. As well as suits, day and evening dresses, they also create custom Abayas. Women who choose to purchase their bespoke clothing from Saffiya Styles know that their outfit will have a unique flare to it and a personal touch. Their designs are measured and crafted from scratch, covering all skin tones.

This sample of bespoke outlets that we have listed from our directory are great choices for weddings, ceremonies, parties and even the causal outing with friends. For more made-to-measure options for women, visit our directory filled with thousands of Black-owned businesses.

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