We invite Black professionals in various industries around the world to anonymously share their experiences living and working while Black. Even in the same industry, with the same position, even at the same company, every experience is unique so read, be motivated and inspired by real people at various stages of their lives and career.

Software Engineer In Berlin

What is your gender?


Where do you live? (Country and City)

Berlin, Germany

What is your job title?

Software Engineer

What industry do you work in?


What would be the first 2 or 3 sentences in a biography about you?

I am married with a kid. I love coding. I am a great thinker so I try to think through solutions critically.

Describe the area where you live.

It is relatively quiet and peaceful.

What are your standout experiences, living while Black in your neighbourhood?

Interestingly, the only time my blackness has been mentioned was not in my neighborhood but somewhere far from my neighborhood when I went to help out a friend and a drunk racist lady was screaming racial slurs at us in German. I did not understand what she was saying but one of us understood and explained.

What situations in your daily life remind you of your skin colour?

If I am being honest, nothing really. Especially now that I am mostly at home. Even when I was always going out, I was hardly interacting with people so I haven’t noticed anything that reminds me of my skin color. However, sometimes there are occasional stares here and there but it has gotten to the extent that it almost feels normal.

Describe 2 or 3 key events that helped you reach this stage in your career.

My decision to study Computer Science in the university which was influenced by my brother. The switch I made from a consulting company to a tech company was a major event in my career and my life as a whole.

In what ways does being Black affect your job?

No way I have noticed since my company is extremely diverse.

What are your frequent irritations around work and your career?

Sometimes it still feels like I don’t know where the pinnacle of my career will be. I am not sure what level I will get to and say, yeah, I am at the peak now. Things are constantly changing.

What are your key tips to someone Black attempting a similar career?

Be good at your craft. And speak about it as much as you can.

What are your future goals and ambitions?

I would love to manage a software team and co-find a company.

What is your personal definition of success?

Success is continuously achieving and exceeding set goals.

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