We invite Black professionals in various industries around the world to anonymously share their experiences living and working while Black. Even in the same industry, with the same position, even at the same company, every experience is unique. Be motivated and inspired by real people at various stages of their lives and career.

Corporate Quality Officer In Eindhoven

What is your gender?


Where do you live? (Country and City)

Netherlands, Eindhoven

What is your job title?

Corporate Quality Officer

What industry do you work in?

Software Technology

What would be the first 2 or 3 sentences in a biography about you?

Not really sentences, but keywords, would be highly ambitious, well-intentioned, highly critical, committed.

Describe the area where you live.

Typical Dutch city area, An ethnically mixed neighborhood, with modern line houses.

What are your standout experiences, living while Black in your neighbourhood?

Some well-meaning neighbors assume you are refugees and would like to help out more.

What situations in your daily life remind you of your skin colour?

Street interactions where people seem to get attentive when you pass them, as if you want to rob them.

Describe 2 or 3 key events that helped you reach this stage in your career.
  • Being made redundant, it gave me the opportunity to reshape my career.
  • Deciding to leave the middle east to pursue an academic qualification, that changed entirely the direction of my career.
In what ways does being Black affect your job?
  • It seems to be black, I have to prove myself extra being anyone else believes when i say i can do something.
  • Job prospects are fewer compared to others as is seems employers don’t think that black people are competent.
What are your frequent irritations around work and your career?
  • It seems i need to work at 110% to be equivalent to a caucasian working at 80%
  • The remuneration is lower if you are a person of color.
What are your key tips to someone Black attempting a similar career?
  • Be more proactive and assertive when your opinion is required.
  • Be more aggressive towards opportunities.
What are your future goals and ambitions?

To reach a position which is of respect and has authority to enable me to help more people.

What is your personal definition of success?

Success is when you achieve all your goals and have a sense of happiness within.

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