Natural Hair Care Products That Love Afro Hair

Everyone should view taking care of their hair the same way they view taking care of their bodies. Our hair is one of the most exposed areas on the human body because throughout the day it is polluted by dirt and chemicals. Many people of African and Afro-Caribbean origin have come to this realisation while observing the deteriorating condition of their hair, but found that standard haircare products are not always enough. Turning to the internet for solutions is the common next step, but it only opens Pandora’s box. Black haircare products is one of the most highly searched product categories on the internet. Everywhere you look, seemingly everyone has a different opinion on what you need to do to build up and keep your Black hair beautiful, healthy and strong. With all of these varied opinions, searching for the right products for your hair can turn into an amateur science experiment with the possible side-effects of the hair drying out, breaking, growing unevenly and even falling out. And death. There’s almost always death on the label. 

Likely the safest place to start looking for solutions is in the natural product market. Every product contains its own form of risk but natural hair products made correctly are intended to be less harmful on your hair, skin and less damaging to the environment. The Black-owned haircare businesses below are great places to speak to about finding the right solutions for your hair type and style.

Black-Owned Natural Hair Care Shops

Luxemore London is a beauty store that sells natural Black haircare products. They have care products for hair, beards and skin. The beard care items they sell include the Mini Luxe Grapeseed All-Over Oil, which is also good for hair, skin, and nails. Each of the products on Luxemore London comes with directions for use and the benefits of using the product.

Hug my hair creates natural Black hair care products that contain different ingredients to promote hair growth, moisture retention and dandruff relief. Hug My Hair sells hair oils, hair mist, hair butter, shampoo, and hijabs.

Charlene’s Hairipy goes a step further down the natural product route with their vegan haircare products. They produce homemade, high quality natural Black hair care solutions for the whole family, and all of their products are sulphate, paraben and silicon-free . You can purchase hair syrup, oil treatments, beard creams and vegan skin products such as nourishing creams and skin balm.

Ethereal sells natural Black hair care products infused with flower hydrolats and nutrient rich plant oils. The products are animal and cruelty free. They are not just limited to selling hair products they also sell skin care products. You have a variety of options to choose from like the deep nourishing oil, the shampoo bar, and the rose divine hydrating mist. All of their products are made locally, with ingredients from certified UK suppliers.

VP Royals is an up and coming shop, and their natural Black hair care products are very unique, with an extra emphasis on the natural nature of their homemade products. They sell both hair and skin care products for customers, and they also offer hair styling services. For those customers that are willing to go the physical location, the type of hair services you can receive are washes, haircuts, restorative treatments and peppermint mango butter treatment.

All of the natural haircare retailers listed above are Black-owned businesses that aim to provide a natural solution to the common Black hair problems. For many more natural haircare retailers and anything else, please visit our directory filled with thousands of Black businesses.

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