Lingerie Outlets For All Skin Tones

If there is one fashion category where Black women struggle to find items with the perfect look and fit, it is probably this one. As with the majority of fashion items in the western world, most lingerie is designed for the Caucasian female figure which can be problematic for Black women. Even with the changing shape and body type of the average western woman, there are still meaningful differences from the average Black female body. For many Black women there is a cycle of trial and error, as there is a struggle to identify not only what fits, but what works against their skin tone.

This is where Black-owned lingerie businesses are life-savers. These retailers how to provide for Black women trying to find great looking and great fitting underwear. The following outlets listed below are all Black-owned businesses keenly geared towards satisfying the needs of the Black female body, as well as providing for all other body-types.

Black-Owned Lingerie Retailers

Bold is an independent lingerie company that specializes in creating lingerie that is sexy, comfortable, fun, and of course, the big one, affordable.  They offer a variety of bodysuits for curvy women, and their sets are remarkably diverse and designed for darker skin tones. They also have pasties for those planning to wear something a little more daring.  

Sculpt by Monet offers a glimpse into sustainable lingerie pieces. Yes, that is right, sustainable so you feel like you are getting the worth of your money. They create inclusive and glamorous lingerie clothing, designed for darker skin. Their plus-size options will satisfy all curvy women and make them feel unstoppable. When shopping at Sculpt by Monet, try to take advantage of the repurposed vintage lingerie items and the nightwear selections because the designs are incredible.

Fidele London is another special lingerie outlet that offers its customers to look and feel confident. When browsing through their lingerie selection, the words that come to mind are sexy and power. Their lingerie bodysuits are very tasteful, especially the suit called “Ann” which is fit for curvy women. Their lingerie designs demand attention. They have a vast number of items and colours to choose from which are designed for all skin tones.

Have you ever walked by a store in your local shopping centre and could not help but notice that there was an outfit calling your name? Honey & Gold is that scenario in a nutshell. Their website is very eye-catching, and they offer lingerie for all women with a few distinct pieces specifically tailored to fit the needs of curvy women. They create lingerie that is flirty, fun, playful and of course, sexy. Their colour combinations are incredibly unique and designed for darker skin tones.

PINK LADY Swimwear and lingerie is an outlet that focuses on passion and style. They are based out of Germany and offer some great lingerie selections. They have a style fit for the average size and curvy women along with a variety of items specifically designed for darker skin tones. Their goal is to make women feel comfortable in their skin, and they achieve this with their unique lingerie sets. They have a mix of bold designs, with a touch of elegance. 

These Black-owned businesses make an effort to get in touch with the true essence of what makes lingerie so important. Lingerie cannot physically speak with words, but it has the power to speak through the lucky person wearing it using its design and texture. For more lingerie options, please visit our directory filled with thousands of Black-owned businesses.

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