Join In The Family Fun With These Black Family YouTube Channels

Everybody loves reality television. Everywhere across the world our screens are full of every form of reality television to satisfy our needs to see into the lives of people from every walk of life. We know that its often “enhanced” but it’s often still just as satisfying as the real, real thing. YouTube has made superstars out of hundreds if not thousands of people across the world sharing their daily lives for entertainment. The most successful area of entertainment is with the family, where keeping those pesky kids entertained is the road to gold.

Every form of entertainment for children is covered including toy unboxings, children’s play times, kids playing pranks or just daily family life. If the channel has relatively wholesome entertainment for any age with some comedy thrown in, there’s a good chance of finding an audience. One of the most enjoyable things about reality TV is seeing people that you can relate to, people that look and sound like they could be from just down the road.

On YouTube, despite the thousands of channels available it is still sometimes difficult to find Black children and families that reflect our diverse communities. The channels however are there to be found, and we have a selection to get you started. Below you will find 5 great channels for the family but do you know others? Add a link to your favourite Black Family Youtube channel in the comments below.

Black Family YouTube Channels

The Grimwade Family: YouTube Home

The Grimwade Family show is a great mixed-race family show. There are things you can learn from this large family of eight that love to do a lot of activities together. One thing that gets me all the time when I watch this family show is the level of bond that exists between them. The father-son relationship and their expertise in the kitchen are very outstanding. You can also grab a few tips about home-schooling from this channel. You can follow Grimwade Family on YouTube to watch all their family shows.

Naiah and Elli – The CrayCrays: YouTube Home

From the Grimwade Family, we move over to a family all about the fun, Naiah and Elli – The CrayCrays. More of a comedy channel, this family uses this YouTube channel to entertain their fans. If you are a fan of the muppet show, you will fall in love with this show. You don’t always have to be serious as a family. Sometimes all you need is a good laugh together to set things right. If you are ready to have a good laugh together as a family, click here to join Naiah and Elli in this US-style black family show.

The Bafana Family: YouTube Home

Join Marv and Nikky in this family fun family series, and you will thank me later. There are a lot of videos here of family vacations, family pranks, cooking, and loads of family time together. You can have a good laugh as well as a lot of emotional moments on this channel. Whenever I feel moody, watching this UK based black family do their thing lights up my mood all the time. You can follow this family every Wednesday and Sunday when you click here.

The Williamson’s: YouTube Home

It’s not yet over. Meet The Williamson’s, a UK based black YouTube channel that features family games, pranks, and Fun time together. The Williamson’s is as fun as it is educational. There are a few things I learned from watching this YouTube channel. You will enjoy the show just like I did. The pranks can be fun and they can be scary. Click here to follow Williamson’s YouTube channel.

The Rush Fam: YouTube Home

Just before you go, I give you The Rush Fam. A Canadian-mixed Family with loads of fun, family pranks, and activities to share with viewers. The Rush Fam is an exciting channel that strictly means business. I love the way they organize their show and the passion with which they go about it. The Rush Fam is an exciting YouTube channel you should see with your family. You can visit the Rush Fam by clicking here.

What other black YouTube Channels interests you? We will love to hear about them in our comment section.

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