Get Your Body Moving With These Great YouTube Fitness Channels For Every Woman

For years I have been trying to find the best fitness routine to follow. On YouTube there are so many options depending on the body type you have or the type you want and it’s difficult to settle on one.  

Recently I realized that its ok to have more than one type of workout on the go. There are so many different workouts for women that I made a list and each day when I wake up, I choose the style I feel ready for and get on with it. The variety is fun and keeps my workouts interesting.

In my list are eight of the most fun and informational YouTube channels for women. The channels are especially dedicated to workout routines and maintaining fitness. You can see them below.

Fitness YouTube Channels For Women From Black Creators:

Kukuwa Fitness: YouTube Home

Kukuwa hosts the channels, and it is mainly about African dance workouts. Kukuwa is a dance instructor who was born and raised in Ghana, Africa but later moved to the U.S to work.

That was the plan until she decided to follow her passion, dancing. As part of the workouts they do traditional dances from different countries across Africa. Kukuwa, the host, also teaches gym instructors and dance teachers who later train students on these dances.

It is a fun and engaging channel. I loved it.

Afrifitness: YouTube Home

Afrifitness is fun and engaging UK-based channel hosted by Rachel Okesala. She is the creator of the channel and is a seasoned expert in afro dance fitness and general body wellness. The channel has many videos already uploaded, and they are very helpful if you want to begin your fitness journey.

Their training style incorporates many techniques that include resistance training, African dance cardio and high-intensity interval training.

They guarantee you will burn as many calories as possible as you move to their afro beats.

Decaplo Fitness: YouTube Home

Situated in Nairobi, Kenya, Decaplo fitness is a great fitness channel. I found their videos to be quite helpful for women but men could also learn something from the videos.

The channel has multiple male and female coaches that are very helpful and will help you kick start your wellness journey. You will get to learn about health, nutrition, and fitness on this channel as the videos mainly cover these three areas.

Additionally, their channel has African workout videos that will help you stay fit. They also offer advice on healthy eating.

LEIA K-Pop Dance Tutorials: YouTube Home

This YouTube channel really caught my eye. It is a London, UK-based channel by Leia who is exceptionally good at K-pop dancing. Her dance workout videos are well choreographed, and you simply cannot afford to miss a step. There is a dance video called `black mamba’ that is really something else.

After completing the full dance workout, there is no doubt in my mind you will have lost a couple of calories due to the high intensity. Here, you will work on your footing and body balance. The channel is mostly suited for younger members of society.

G Force Fitness: YouTube Home

If you are a beginner, then this is the channel for you. Gforce fitness is a Canadian women’s fitness studio specialising in educating and training women on health and nutrition. They have highly qualified trainers who will leave craving for more workout sessions because of their fitness passion.

The videos are also a rich source of information on matters health, nutrition and fitness. They help women of every age get started on her fitness journey.

Patrice J White: YouTube Home

This YouTube channel from Jamaica is what every woman of colour needs. Patrice is a woman who at one point weighed 210 pounds but has since lost the bulk of that. She has undergone the fitness journey herself and is now helping transform the lives of her clients.

Her videos are about general body workouts that apply to both men and women. She also has videos that talk about healthy food choices for people and how to make these dishes. She also has a website that talks about her journey. Her story will truly move anyone and inspire him or her to start working out.

Chriss Choreo: YouTube Home

Chriss Choreo hosts the channel from Jamaica. She is an experienced dancer, and she shares her expertise on this channel. As much as this is a channel for younger females, I am sure gents also peep in for some eye candy.

Her workout videos are mainly meant for the woman who wants to connect with her feminine energy. The channel incorporates Jamaican dancehall dance moves and an occasional bit of twerking. Her videos could also prove useful if you are looking to be more flexible and burn lots of calories in short workouts. You will be sure to love the Jamaican vibes on this channel.

Mitchelle Adagala: YouTube Home

Mitchelle Adagala is a fitness trainer who has been in the game for quite some time now. She is situated in Kenya.

She owns this YouTube channel and educates people on how to lead healthy lifestyles by doing simple workout sessions right at home.

She also uses the channel to talk about body image, insecurities and various other topics to help others overcome similar issues and improve their mental health. Additionally, there are videos that are about what foods to eat before any workout session.


The above channels will be sure to help you with your fitness journey. My advice would be to borrow a clue from each channel because you will have a wealth of knowledge on various topics.

Personally, the Kukuwa channel carried the day. Do you wonder why?

It is because of the well-articulated dance moves that are pretty easy to follow. I am not a good dancer, but Kukuwa got me in my dancing shoes.

My second favourite channel was Mitchelle Adagala. My reasons for selecting her are simple. She talks about issues that we face in our daily lives. Whether it is body insecurities or tainted body image, she has it all. She will leave you feeling satisfied with yourself, thus promoting your mental strength.

What are your favourite fitness channels? Let us know in the comments below.

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