Finally, Greetings Cards For Us

There are not many methods as simple as a greetings card to convey an emotion. Affection, gratitude, sympathy, congratulations, celebrations, condolences or just to produce a smile, you can always find the right card for the occasion. There is however one problem, if the recipient is of Black African or Afro-Caribbean origin you have very little chance of finding a card with a suitable image. Greeting cards may come in many different shapes and sizes but in most high-street and online retailers, they tend to show little variance for representations of race. Thankfully we have a selection of Black-owned businesses that solve this problem. The following outlets sell unique greeting cards tailor-made for the Black community, providing great cards for every occasion.

Black-Owned Greetings Cards Shops

Akoma Arts is an outlet that creates cards and artwork using a different artistic style to reflect tradition and culture. Their greeting cards feature images of from various sources including political and iconic figures of Black cultural influence. Their greeting cards typically come in a four-pack, so you will be able to distribute their one-of-a-kind cards to more than one person. 

Avila Diana is a greeting card outlet specializing in cards for black people. However, their take on your typical greeting card is different because they offer cards centred around physical and mental health. Their cards aim to overcome stereotypes and change people’s perspective of underrepresented communities. The artwork on the cards is incredibly unique with themes such as “How Are You”, and “Keep Growing”. 

Kitsch Noir is one of the better greeting card shops available to consumers. The artwork on their cards reflects love, joy, and humour. The designs that they create are very bold, and you can tell that they have a strong focus on the creation of cards for people of African and Afro-Caribbean origin. Kitsch Noir has received press recognition from well-known outlets including the BBC, Glamour and Metro. 

Jella Creative is a greeting card shop that uses their cards as a vehicle to reflect the beauty of Black culture. Their designs are cultural and seasonal with a twist, with Black people in all roles. They offer unique greeting cards for men, women, children, and special occasions. 

Smudged It is one of the few greeting card shops with a name that you cannot miss. Their cards, like the other shops mentioned above, focus on diversity and representation because they create cards for Black people. Their designs are different, with art that you do not typically see on greeting cards. They make sure to grab a gift recipients’ attention the moment they open their card because the colours are vibrant, and the message is very straight forward with an image to match.

The shops listed above are all Black-owned businesses, and they all aspire to capture diversity, culture and tradition, and they will make a bold statement to anyone that receives them. For more card options, please visit our directory filled with thousands of Black-owned businesses.

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