We invite Black professionals in various industries around the world to anonymously share their experiences living and working while Black. Even in the same industry, with the same position, even at the same company, every experience is unique. Be motivated and inspired by real people at various stages of their lives and career.

Content Editor In Leeds

What is your gender?


Where do you live? (Country and City)

United Kingdom, Leeds

What is your job title?

Content Editor

What industry do you work in?

International Development

What would be the first 2 or 3 sentences in a biography about you?

I hold a Bachelors and a Masters. I am passionate about girls education and gender equality specifically in the education sector. I love travelling.

Describe the area where you live.

It is a nice place to live.

What are your standout experiences, living while Black in your neighbourhood?

I grew up in West Africa. It was an amazing experience all round.

What situations in your daily life remind you of your skin colour?

Nothing really. Recently I feel my inability to secure a job may have to do with my race but that is an unfounded assertion so….

Describe 2 or 3 key events that helped you reach this stage in your career.

My time at university was pivotal to where I am today as well as after I graduated and my time as a Masters student in Europe!

In what ways does being Black affect your job?

I am not yet in full time employment…I do several volunteering roles but then from what I do so far I don’t think I’m affected in anyway regarding my race.

What are your frequent irritations around work and your career?

None recorded so far. But regarding my interest in securing a full time and fulfilling job within international development, I feel it’s unnecessarily hard to get my foot in the door which really frustrates me even though I am confident I am experienced enough to secure at least an entry level role.

What are your key tips to someone Black attempting a similar career?

I am not yet where I want to be but from what I have learnt so far, you need to keep pushing and if you’re fortunate to get a mentor or someone who makes it easier for you to get your foot in the door, do not take that for granted.

What are your future goals and ambitions?

I’d like to be a top diplomat working for international organisations within the UN, EU advocating for gender equality as a whole.

What is your personal definition of success?

Success is doing what you love and loving the life you live.

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