Black-Owned Designer Fashion Brands For Women Ready For The New Season

Like a painter that uses their paintbrush to create art, a fashion designer uses fabric to create their masterpieces. There is almost no limit to what a designer can do, but their style choices are not just about the imagination. Fashion is as dependent on culture as it is the individual talents of the designer. Every area in the world has their take on how they view fashion; despite the global community we now live in, local culture continues to have an important influence on design choices.

It has never been easier to see and influence fashion trends globally because of the internet, celebrity access, and social media. A style can be incredibly niche, tied to a specific city and ethnic community one minute, only to turn in an instant into the new ‘global’ standard of cool with retailers around the world filling their windows with mannequins showing the latest colours of the must-have look.

A good tip for staying ahead of the game is to focus on the smaller, boutique retailers, led by designers with their ears close enough to the ground to spot the latest trends before they break out to the masses. Below is a selection of Black-owned women’s designer fashion retailers that can keep you in the freshest looks, season after season.

Black-owned Designer Fashion Shops for Women

Alosh London is a black-owned fashion store that produces contemporary outfits intending to spread positivity. A good amount of their items have nice bold colours, and every time you make a purchase, they donate 10 per cent of the total to mental health charities. The clothing items they sell are trousers, tops, skirts, and dresses. The lookbook is a great section for fashion enthusiasts who love to see what designers have done in the past. This section features seasonal items that are no longer available on the site.

Sosome is another black-owned designer fashion retailer that creates beautiful clothing influenced by African culture. The prints on some of their dresses are among the best you can find anywhere. The items they sell include dresses, jackets, jumpsuits, skirts, trousers, tops, and even kidswear. The best items are dresses because the style is very flamboyant and the colours make each dress pop while making a bold statement.

Dirrty Store has in house designers that create unique items tailored just for women. This black-owned brand has seasonal items which is always a plus because that means inventory updates as we progress through the year. They sell bikinis, shirts, trousers, coats, handbags, and more. Offering worldwide delivery, they are a good place to start if you are planning a wardrobe refresh.

Vanessa Akos is a black-owned designer store that sells contemporary and luxury clothes. The inspiration behind each item is special because it keys in on a mix between Ghaniana and British heritage. They group their clothes into four categories called Adinkrahene, Nyame dua (face masks), Denkyem, and Sankofa. Each of those categories offers a unique selection of skirts, wrap topos, dresses, waistcoats, crop tops, gowns, and playsuits. This shop has a wide selection of clothes to choose from, and they all cater to any woman that is looking to make a bold statement.

Who doesn’t love wearing a good bathing suit when they are planning to spend the day at the beach? Kiiwii Bikini is a black-owned designer brand that creates unique swimwear for those women who look to steal attention away from everyone else at the beach. They offer a collection of unique bikini styles that you will not find elsewhere.

If you want to find more Black-owned fashion stores for women, men and the whole family, visit the Clothing category of our Black Business Directory.  

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