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Art is one of the most subjective forms of creative expression in the world, perfectly encapsulating the idiom “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Artistic expression can take many forms but the one common factor great art shares is the ability to draw attention to itself. Very few things can capture someone’s attention and awe more than a single piece of art.

Almost as varied as the reasons for liking or disliking an artist work are the reasons for owning some. It could be because of the feeling it produces in the observer, a memory it keeps fresh in our mind or its beauty. For some the origin of the artwork is the most important factor, so we have five Black-owned art stores selling artwork from Black artists, people that embed their personality, history and culture into their creations.  The following list contains five of the best shops to purchase artwork from because they offer unique products that focus on culture, and they are all Black-owned businesses.

The fabric of Africa Frames has wonderful selections of Black artwork. They are one of the few shops that offer a bespoke service. They sell artwork by Black artists, and each of their Bespoke pieces is handmade. Usually, when you think of artwork, you think of a painting, but with this shop, they create their artwork using fabrics. Each of their pieces has an African cultural and traditional taste to it because of the patterns and prints of fabric they use.

Elaine is a London artist that expresses her creativity in various forms including ceramic and print. Currently focusing on drawings and paintings, her latest collection is a mix of cultural icons and emotive scenes of Black expression. Featuring both colour and Black and white prints, Elaine’s artwork would not look out of place in any environment. Browse through her current and past work and you are almost certain to find something your wall cannot live without.

Stacey-Ann Nicole is an online shop that creates Black artwork using digital illustration and graphic design. Stacey-Ann prides herself on creating artwork that represents the Afro-Caribbean family, community and culture. The original artwork has a distinct style that makes her pieces stand out. You can also purchase her designs in greetings cards, brooches, notebooks and other items.  

Addis Fine Art is a Black-owned art gallery that you can find in the heart of London, UK and in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. Specialising in African work, their gallery includes some of the most eye-popping artwork by Black artists. The collections cover multiple aspects of African culture using modern and contemporary fine art styles. It is a great place to visit and be inspired by great Black artistry. 

Award-winning Black artist Antonietta Torsiello is a major producer of Black artwork leveraging mediums such as silkscreen, lino print, acrylic, watercolour, drawing ink, and oils. Customers can purchase textiles, greeting cards, and art prints at affordable prices. In almost every piece she finds a unique way to utilise a mix of colours that reflect cultural traditions as well as nature and identity.

The galleries and shops listed above are all Black-owned businesses trying to make a strong statement around art. They are all worthy of your attention, whether it be to browse and admire the art or to add more variety, originality and culture to your living spaces. Please visit our directory filled with thousands of Black-owned businesses for more inspiration.

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