Bespoke Labels For Men

One of the most common status symbols for man is a custom-made suit. From your favourite films and TV shows to the latest music videos, the image of a man being measured by a tailor for a suit or jacket is an understood “money” move. For many, this seemingly unattainable level of customised fashion and comfort is a pipe-dream not worth investigating for fear of disappointment.

This fear is no longer warranted. Bespoke tailors can be found in almost any price-range and most importantly, price does not equal quality. With the range of styles, customisations and options available, there has been no better time to investigate bespoke clothing. Why waste time searching from shop to shop for the shirt and tie combination you have in mind, when you can just have it custom made? If time is money, think about how much you can save by having the clothes you want in the perfect fit, made just for you. Stepping out of your front door in clothing that 100% reflects who you are, knowing it has the fit and comfort to look fantastic while keeping you comfortable all day long, can give you the confidence to attack the day like no other.

The outlets listed below are all Black-owned businesses with Black tailors and are specialists in men’s bespoke clothing.

Black-Owned Bespoke Tailors For Men

Anthony’s London is an excellent Bespoke outlet with several options for suits that help bring out an elegant style of comfort while also displaying a splash of adventure. Their Bespoke purchase process includes a consultation with their tailor, 30 unique measurements, fabric selection, fit inspection, and finish. Anthony’s London bespoke suit is an adventure and offers many styles for darker skin.

Brother Charles is an incredibly unique Bespoke outlet for men that specializes in classic footwear. All their footwear is handmade by their tailors and crafted from the finest Italian calf leather. The creators aspired to create a shoe that blended what they called “different style situations”. Their range of colours are perfect for all skin tones, and there is a nice balance between contemporary and classic design.

Keye London is an exquisite Bespoke outlet that takes a very untraditional approach by providing mobile services for customers. Their tailor makes personal house calls and office calls for customers. They offer a variety of mules, cufflinks and bow ties to choose from and like the other outlets listed, they provide a style consultation. Their designs range from the classic to the bold and unique; they take chances while keeping their product fit for purpose.

Bosi and Charles are known for their keen attention to detail about their clothing and the fabrics they utilize. Each of their items is handmade by their tailors, and they offer a variety of sophisticated like clothing that reflects modern-day urban styles, perfect for darker skin tones. As with other bespoke tailors here, the also offer off-the-shelf items from their latest collections.

Shaun Gordon is another great option if you want your tie to do the talking. They specialize in luxury ties, and when customers request the Bespoke service, they are personally connected with Shaun throughout the entire process. Shaun is a Black tailor who holds the highest standards in terms of crafting a unique tie for his customers.

Visit the outlets above to deep- dive into the world of bespoke clothing and discover your style. You have the option to choose from shoes, suits, ties, cufflinks and even a mobile service. Remember, they are all Black-owned businesses. For more bespoke options for men, visit our directory filled with thousands of Black-owned businesses.

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