Bakeries That Will Make Your Taste Buds Jump

Rolls, pies, muffins, bread, cookies, pastries and of course, cakes. There is something very wrong with anyone that cannot find something they love at a bakery. The smell of freshly baked bread in the morning or a pie coming out of an oven can be enough to bring a smile to a face, without a morsel touching the lips. And then there are cakes, all kinds of cakes. Big cakes, small cakes, fruit cakes, sponge cakes, chocolate cakes, cupcakes and cookies, lots of cookies and donuts, so many types of donuts! Strangely, there are a good amount of people that tend to associate lots of sugary foods and unhealthy eating with baking but there are many ways to bake tasty items packed with nothing more than healthy ingredients and good nutrients.

There is something for every occasion at a bakery, but sometimes you need to find the right one to give you exactly what you need. These Black-owned bakeries aim to do exactly that, providing tasty products for every occasion. Take a look and see what takes your fancy for a tasty treat!

The following list contains Black-owned bakeries that produce unique, beautiful and delicious cakes and cupcakes that are sure to pique your interest.

Black-Owned Bakeries

Fun theme is one of many Black-owned bakeries that is all about making sweet memories. Their selections include adult cakes, kids cakes, money box cakes, mini cakes and holiday-themed cakes. They even have treats and deal bundles for COVID-19 with the message of staying positive. They offer a free consultation for pre-orders, and they also allow customers to take part in baking classes. 

Quash Cake is a Black-owned bakery hosted on Facebook. They specialise in cakes and cupcakes, with familiar options such as Apple Crumble, Red Velvet and Salted Caramel. They also produce custom orders for occasions and events of various sizes, providing unique styles and mixes.

Sable’s Celebration Cakes excels in creating cakes of almost any style, shape and size. Do what a cake shaped like a bottle of Jack Daniel’s? A partially opened Nike shoe box? How about a luxury briefcase including the handle? At Sable’s the only limit seems to be your imagination, so throw at them anything you can think of and see what they say. They have almost as many standard flavour options, but also offer custom flavours depending on what is desired. As a with most bakers you can also purchase a selection of standard cupcakes, or place a custom order.

Effie’s Cakes is a Black-owned bakery with a distinct look and feel to their brand. They have various selections of cupcakes, cakes, giant cupcakes, cake pops and filling, with off-the-shelf options depending on the occasion. Custom solutions are also possible, but their broad range of standard solutions will be more than adequate for most.

Sym’s Cakes provides standard and bespoke cakes and cupcakes. As well as an interesting selection of flavours, they standout by offering kosher, vegetarian and halal products. They also offer a unique “cake on the go” option of cakes in a pot or sealed cup, similar to a soup cup. As with all bakeries you can place a custom order using their online request form, and can even request vegan and gluten-free flavours and fillings.

The following bakeries are all Black-owned businesses that have a variety of options in the category of baking. For more baking shops, visit our directory filled with thousands of Black-owned businesses.

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